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Sensopia announces MagicPlan for Project Tango

Montréal/San Francisco – June 25, 2014 – Sensopia announces MagicPlan for Project Tango – The Map Inside, an innovative way to collect, organize, navigate and share indoor data.

MagicPlan is the leading inside mapping technology on mobile devices running iOS and Android. MagicPlan automates the capture of room measurement, shape, and documentation - creating a comprehensive floor plan and a map of any indoor space.

“When we started the company 4 years ago, MagicPlan 4.0 is what we wanted to do.” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia. “However we are reaching a point where improving our capture technology necessitates a new breed of hardware. When Google contacted us to participate in Project Tango, we immediately saw the potential and the implication it would have on our abilities to make MagicPlan an even better application."

Project Tango technology will drastically improve MagicPlan user experience. First, it will allow switching from floor to ceiling corners automatically. Although it is possible in the current version, it requires measuring the ceiling height with the device prior to the capture. Second, it will free the user from the current procedure, allowing movement in the room. In other words with Project Tango a user can freely move towards a hidden corner to see it.

"With Project Tango technology users cannot make mistakes anymore. It makes capturing a room shape and size very simple ", says Pierre Gaubil.

About Sensopia
Sensopia Inc. is a Montreal / San Francisco based software publisher focused on Reality Capture. Reality Capture is the process of retrieving information about the surrounding environment onto a portable digital model. Sensopia is the developer of MagicPlan, a unique application that proposes a disruptive approach to making inside maps. MagicPlan is a true mass-market success with more than 6 millions unique users. MagicPlan runs on iOS and Android platforms. MagicPlan has also received several awards and has been selected by Apple as “App of the week” in 107 countries. Please visit for more information.